Bromeliad Tillandsia Stricta Twins Air Plant

Tillandsia Stricta Hard Leaf form
Listing is for two connected plants ( Twins )
Tillandsia stricta can be grown lose, mounted, in a sea shell, hanging wire, driftwood, almost anywhere but not in soil. Unlike many tillandsi that are grown for their unusual look rather than flower, this tillandsia it is the flower. The plant produces a bloom spike with HOT HOT Pink bracts and little blue flowers.  First Photo of several plants in bloom. This listing is for a plant of two connected similar to those in remaining photos, that currently may or may not be in spike/ bloom, some are showing near or in beginning now in April  By end of August may be next major bloom. I will always send in spike when I have plants that are starting to spike but sometimes sell out before next group begins to bloom. May bloom at any time through the year, more so mid to end of summer and easily gets new offsets/pups.  

See my other listing for single plant. 

Misting often is great but also please thoroughly drench once or twice a week your Tillandsia like they would get from Florida rainstorm. Then be sure they are dried out before next soaking. This T. ionantha is one of the easiest to grow. Filtered light best.

Purchase HEAT Pack from MadHappenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s.

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