Bromeliad Tillandsia ionantha Rubra Air Plant

Bromeliad Tillandsia ionantha Rubra Air Plant
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Tillandsia ionantha Rubra !

Bromeliad Tillandsia ionantha Rubra, listing is for a single LARGE plant similar to those shown in photos. One of my favorites! Plants are about 3 - 4 inches high or wide and currently near or blush. The rubra has nice long thick leaves compared to other ionanthas. Blush is more pinkish unlike the ionantha Fuego which is bright red. Plants can quickly get offsets/ pups that can be left attached to form colonies or divided once offset is about 1/3 size of parent plant. These Exotic Tropical Plants are an easy care plant that grows well most any where. Some plants are beginning to blush and leaves turn red as it nears blooming of a purple flower. Winter - Spring is main time when plants are in mature stage where they will blush and bloom.  

Just a beautiful inonatha!

Misting often is great but also please thoroughly drench once or twice a week your Tillandsia like they would get from Florida rainstorm. Then be sure they are dried out before next soaking. This T. ionantha is one of the easiest to grow. Great to place on drift wood or in sea shell, do fine in terrariums.

Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Plants sent in cold weather will not be replaced if they suffer damage or die due to cold with out being sent with heat pack.

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