Orchid Baskets

Orchid Baskets
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Instead of cut flowers, get baskets, for gifts, home office, any party event with live orchids that will last years instead of a week or so. Orchids used in our arrangements will be in bloom that may last 1 to 3 months. Tell us the color scheme and the occasion and we will do the rest to create a unique orchid basket decorated with additional tropical leaves, ribbon and ornaments related to the occasion.


Single plant    $49.95
Double          $69.95
Double Up      $79.95
Triple            $89.95
Triple Up        $99.95
Triple Delux     $109.95
Foursome       $129.95
Grandslam       $139.95
Handfull (5)     $149.95
Royal Deal       $169.95
Five Aces       $189.95

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Price $49.95