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The Tillandsia, is a member of the Bromeliad family. They are epiphytes like most orchids and need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. Tillandsia roots are used only as anchors. As a tropical plant they prefer warm sunny conditions, the thicker the leaves and the more gray their color, the more light they need. A minimum humidity of 50% is recommended though you can compensate with more frequent watering. Water by drenching as misting is usually not enough. Often 2 to 3 times a week, just make sure plant is not always moist, let dry out between watering as they will rot. Feed with liquid fertilizer at least once a month, be sure to wet plant first. Mount on anything, driftwood, shell, rock and some even on mesh hung with string will form a Tillandsia Ball.


"All Mixed Up Pkg" (AMU)
Contains current bloomers, single plants, starters, pups, and groupings. No two packages alike. You will always find surprises.
Small, pint size, at least 15 plants, $30+ value for $21.95.
Medium, quart size, at least 25 plants, $50+ value for $39.95.
Large, gallon size, at least 50 plants, $100+ value for $74.95.

"Select Pkg"
Contains hand picked plants of specific types, each package is of different groupings.
Tiny Tims & Tinas: (TT&T) include only your smallest of growers such as Fuchsii, Funchiana, Ionautha, Schiedeana
At least 12+ plants, $20+ value for $14.95.
ABC: By the alphabet, hand picked package includes plant names starting with same letter,
at least 10 plants for $24.95.
Group A,B,C, Group F,G,H,I, Group R,S,T.
Not Purple: while you really do not buy Tillandsia for the flower show, many have a similar small purplish blossom. Others have Yellow, White, and Red colors. This collection has no purple flowers.
At least 10 plants for $29.95.
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Price $1.46