Bromeliad Mini Neoreglia Tumbleweed

Bromeliad Neoreglia Tumbleweed Tiger
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Neoreglia 'Tumbleweed'
(lilliputiana x 'Blushing Tiger') 

These are a nicely banded miniature neoreglia that get more color with good light. Pics is of a parent plant with several offsets beginning to form a nice colony.  This listing is for a single plant that is around 4 to 5" tall.  

 These Exotic Tropical Plants are an Easy Care plants that grow well most any where.  This miniature bromeliads with the ampoule shape of punctatissima but vividly marked with distinct thick banding of red on the top and underside of the leaves.  Offsets form on short stolons and the plants form nice colonies.  Grow well in a pot, mounted or in terrarium. They also can be used for dart Fog tank. 

All Bromeliads will be shipped bare root unless otherwise stated.

Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Even with heat pack package of plants can not be left outside after delivery. Plants shipped during cold weather without heat pack that suffer damage or die will not be replaced. 
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