Bromeliad Cryptanthus Variety Three Pack

Bromeliad Cryptanthus Variety Three Pack
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Bromeliad, Cryptanthus Variety Three Pack
( price reduced )
The pics are of some of the type of plants of this listing not actual plants. Plants are around  6 inches across.
You will receive 3 different types of Cryptanthus similar to plants shown in 1st and 2nd photos, 3rd phot shows what some of these type will look like when fully mature. Bromeliads will be shipped root.
( Plants sold separately cost between $6.95 to $10.95 )


Yes I do discount for combined shipping!



Purchase HEAT Pack from MadHappenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Package of plants can not be left outdoors after delivery even with heat pack. No returns for plants that suffer damage or die due to cold if not shipped with heat pack.

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