Bromeliad Mini Neoregelia punctatissima Yellow

Bromeliad Mini Neoregelia punctatissima Yellow
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A nice bright lemon lime green with light maroon red bands more prominent on underside. Offsets develop on long stolons coming out from base of parent plant. Can make nice hanging basket plant or great look when mounted and plant develops multiple offsets. Often put in terrariums or Dart Frog Tanks mounted on top branch of piece of drift wood placed in tank to give more varied height. First two pics are of fully mature plants propagating offsets.
 Listing is for a single plant similar to last photo that are around 5 - 6" 
It is an epiphyte in nature so can be attached on tree in Fla zone 10 in filtered light.  These compact Neoregelia can be mounted on drift wood, rock, or potted.  Plants do well indoors with good lighting whether mounted or potted. Plant in well draining substrate, lose bark & peat.  
They easily will get several offsets and form nice colony, perfect for mounting, placing right in palm tree in warmer climate, can be potted or placed in dish garden,  terrarium or vivarium. Nice size for Dart Frog Tank. 

All Bromeliads a shipped bare root unless otherwise stated.
Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. No replacement on plants shipped in cold weather without heat pack that suffer cold damage or die.

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