Bromeliad Tillandsia Sparkler Tropical Air Plant

Bromeliad Tillandsia Sparkler Tropical Air Plant
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Tillandsia Sparkler !
Summertime Fall blommer!!!
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Bromeliad Tillandsia 'Sparkler', this listing is for single large size mature plant, currently most have finished bloom, some may still spike and will send if available. Plants get 12" or more wide and 8" or so high with spike. First pic shows plant in spike & blushing. Your plant could be similar to  1st - 4th  pics showing plants green with spike starting to emerge or in blush and in spike beginning to bloom if bought prior to or during blooming season.

After bloom they get offsets / pups and readily form a colony / clump would grow to be similar in size and shape to photo 5, that can be divided or left in colony to form ball as in last pic of Sparkler hanging ball. They get multiple offsets / pups form at base of parent which makes nice colony ball when hung. Plants can also be easily divided once pups are about 1/2 parent size.  
I also have a smaller size also listed.


 These Exotic Tropical Plants are an Easy care plant that grows well most any where. First photo is Sparkler in bloom. The upper leaves will blush red as plant nears and begins to bloom under proper growing conditions and good light.

Tillandsia can be grown indoors or out, can be placed in a tree (warm climates) greenhouse, window or well lighted room. Misting often is great but also please thoroughly drench once or twice a week your Tillandsia like they would get from Florida rainstorm. Then be sure they are dried out before next soaking. This Til. 'Sparkler' is an easy to grow Tilly.

Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Package of plants can not be left outdoors after delivery even with heat pack. No returns for plants that suffer damage or die due to cold if not shipped with heat pack.


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