Bromeliad Tillandsia Pink Velvet large Air Plant

Tillandsia 'Pink Velvet'
Nearing or in Spike, mature plants

Bromeliad Tillandsia 'Pink Velvet', this listing is for a single large size plant. Plants are around 7 - 9" across, 5" high not counting spike. These are of mature size plants nearing blooming stage and most are starting to spike. Photos are of plants similar to what you will receive, it will be in spike or near spiking depending on availability. They have a very powdery whitish/green leaves that curl and spike is pinkish in color with large deep velvet/purple blossoms. Regular local price $8.95
I do have a medium size plant listing at $5.95 and extra Large at $10.95

This plant is a naturally occurring hybrid of T. capitata and T. harrisii from Central America, mainly Guatemala.
 These Exotic Tropical Plants are an Easy care plants that grow well most any where.  Til. 'Pink Velevt' readily get offsets that can be divided or left to form colony.

Tillandsia can be grown indoors or out, can be placed in a tree (warm climates) greenhouse, window or well lighted room. Misting often is great but also please thoroughly drench once or twice a week your Tillandsia like they would get from Florida rainstorm. Then be sure they are dried out before next soaking. This Tillandsia is an easy to grow Tilly.


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