Vanda wire hanger adjustable 20 - 36" no basket needed

Vanda wire hanger adjustable 20 - 36" no basket needed
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Vanda orchid solid wire hanger

This is a hand made product.

Perfect for Vandas that are grown bare root. Plant stem at root is fitted into spiral loop at bottom of hanger.  Plant is secured with ties along straight rod and hung. As plant grows wire rod is easily bent to increase length of hanger up to 36".

 No need for basket anymore as most roots do not even adhere to basket whether plastic or wood. Thin wire hangers will at some point rust and break and are always in the way of leaves, bloom spike and plant growth as the wire comes together right above top of plant. Pant also is supported by straight thick rod and does not flop sideways as through standard 3 or 4 wire hanger.  

  Hand made by Mad Happenings hanger comes at
 ( approximately 20" length as hand man not exact) and can be
 hung at this length or adjust shorter or longer along flexible yet strong galvanized steel. 
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