Encyclia tampensis alba mounted

Encyclia tampensis alba mounted
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Encyclia tampensis species is native to Florida growth mainly from Tampa Bay Area south. First photo is of a tampensis alba in bloom. This listing is for the alba that bloom has green petals and white lip.
Remaining photos are 
of plants similar to what you will receive. Plants bloom same time each year in May / June having a nice light fragrance from star shape flowers on branching spike. It is also referred to as the Florida Butterfly orchid due to flowers in a breeze appear like little butterflies
It easily forms a large colony often developing several spikes blooming. 
Photos are of plant similar to what you will receive, having multiple psuedobulbs, 
this size currently may or may not be in spike

These may be planted in pots or baskets with bark/charcoal mix or can also be mounted on wood, tree fern, cork, drift wood, or here in Fla and similar climate directly onto a tree. They need bright indirect light, treat like Cattleya.

Purchase HEAT Pack from MadHappenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. No replacement on plants shipped in cold weather without heat pack that suffer cold damage or die.
Depending on State Regulations plants may need to be sent bare root or are not certified to send to your area.

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