Vanda Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset

Vanda Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset
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Vanda Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset 
Parentage: ( Vandachostylis Thai Noi and Aerides houlletiana )

They will go fast like last shipment!

Back in stock and ready to bloom. Big seller that moves quickly. Wish I had more plants to offer. A wonderful compact grower. Listing is for a single plant about 6 " high,  10 - 12" wide ready to spike. They readily develop keiki at base forming multi plant colonies. Sale is of a blooming size plant currently may or may not be in spike. Nice light fragrance.

Perreiraara Rhynchorides Bangkok Sunset is a monopodial epiphyte orchid hybrid having beautiful colors of an exotic sunset. 
The color is a unique blend of amber, yellow, peachy colors with a light pink lavander lip. Flowers are displayed on a thin spike of about 15-20 cm in length and each spike can produce between 12-20-30 flowers. L
ightly fragrant, smelling floral and clean early morning.  Can bloom once or twice a year. 
The blooms are about 1.5 cm in diameter and present a waxy texture last for 6 to 8 weeks often producing a double spike.
The compact growth habit with broad, thick set leaves is an inheritance of the characteristics of its three ancestral species: Aerides houlletiana, Rhychostylis coelestis, and Vanda flabellata. 
Rhychostylis coelestis seedlings will bloom for the first time on plants which are 2” tall and 4” across. Crossed to V. flabellata, Rhy. coelestis yields Vandachostylis Thai Noi, a compact, free flowering, hybrid with a large colorful lip. 

Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Even with heat pack the package plants can not be left outside after delivery. Plants shipped during cold weather without heat packs that suffer damage or die will not be replaced.

Yes I do discount for combined shipping!

If you do not find or listing has ended please message me as to availability.

( Vandas will be sent USPS Priority Mail!)

Vandas when possible will be sent in spike. While most often blooms arrive fine I can not guarantee flowers do to handing during shipping.

I will happily discount for shipping various multiple item.

I am not responsible for plants lost, damaged or destroyed (including freezing or drying from heat) by the post office or left outdoors after delivery.


Please review listing information and know what you are ordering. Some auctions are of actual plants. When selling more than one plant photos are similar to plant you will receive. First photo is often of flowering or mature plant, additional pics. are representative of plants you will receive as described in written listing info. Items shipped are as described and unless you receive the wrong item this should not be a reason to request refund.
If you have a particular planned use such as for resale, craft work, terrariums, or other ideals please feel free to message me with any questions to make sure plants are suitable for this use.
If you do have an issue after receiving plants please contact me to see what we can work out before giving negative feedback. I will work with you to accommodate reasonable request and resolve issues. I am a Fl. Dept. of Agriculture Certified grower.

Thank you for looking, Jerry

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