Orchid Vanilla planifolia Florida native vanilla bean

Orchid Vanilla planifolia Florida native vanilla bean
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  Vanilla planifolia
This listing is for a single 2 foot big thick stem cutting, not small thin stem starting piece.

 Like most orchids you buy in the stores it is an epiphytic plant, not a terrestrial, it grows on tree branches. However Vanilla orchids do start off in the ground where the bean seed pod fell. Therefore best growing practice is to start by planting cutting in a 6" to 8" pot of sphagnum moss, plant two leaves down into moss. Be sure to keep moist. Remaining plant tied to stake or trellis. If you live in South Florida, South Texas, South California you can plant at base of tree once roots are established in pot. I find better results than just plant cutting directly into ground. In northern climates keep indoors in very bright room, near window great and can bring outdoors once overnight temps are going to be above 50 degrees to be safe. Bright filtered/ shaded light. 

Vanilla grows in the wild in South Florida and his a vine type growth as it works it'd where up truck of a tree and grows along and hanging from the tree's branches. 
The Vanilla planifolia blooms are large eye catching long star like petals of light yellow green and lip extends trumpet like in brighter yellow with the leaves being long and thin. Vanilla phaeantha similar look has leaves that are wide, blossom petals are light green and lip  is white outside and light yellow inside.
 Vanilla planifolia is a species that is native to Florida, Mexico and Central America. This is a Florida native Florida grown cutting of 2 feet that has a nice thick stem. not small thin stemmed 6 to 12 inch starter cuttings. The portion is from a mature blooming plant as seen in first two photos. Remaining photos are of plants similar to what you will receive.
It is illegal to harvest this type of orchids from the wild in Florida, these are nursery grown cultivated plants. Mad Happenings is a 
Florida Department of Agriculture certified nursery.

Vanilla phaeantha and other Florida native orchids such as Encylia tampensis, Enccochleata (aka clamshell), Oncidiun floridanum (aka Onc.esatum)

Purchase HEAT Pack from MadHappenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. No replacement on plants shipped in cold weather without heat pack that suffer cold damage or die.

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When possible Orchids will be sent in spike. While most often blooms may arrive fine I can not guarantee do to handling during shipping.

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I am not responsible for plants lost, damaged or destroyed (including freezing or drying from heat) by the post office or left outdoors after delivery.


Please review listing information and know what you are ordering. Some auctions are of actual plants. When selling more than one plant photos are similar to plant you will receive. First photo is often of flowering or mature plant, additional pics. are representative of plants you will receive as described in written listing info. Items shipped are as described and unless you receive the wrong item this should not be a reason to request refund.
If you have a particular planned use such as for resale, craft work, terrariums, or other ideals please feel free to message me with any questions to make sure plants are suitable for this use.
If you do have an issue after receiving plants please contact me to see what we can work out before giving negative feedback. I will work with you to accommodate reasonable request and resolve issues. I am a Fl. Dept. of Agriculture Certified grower.
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