Horizontal or Vertical Bamboo Plant Hanger

Horizontal or Vertical Bamboo Plant Hanger
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Horizontal Bamboo Plant Hanger.

While it can be hung vertical or horizontal, this listing is more specific to horizontal hanging. As shown in first two pics. It has hole drilled at each end to hang from, comes with hanging hook. Bamboo piece contains 3 sections that have segment growth divider which allows for divided planting and caps ends.
Fill with appropriate medium for choice of plant.
Bamboo planter hanger is ideal for all kinds of plants. When hung horizontal the bamboo sections can be filled with medium for growing orchids, fern, succulents or cactus.
Piece chosen will more readily work for horizontal placement but works great for vertical hanging too.
Hand Made, Bamboo pieces are about 30" long and 3 - 4" wide, will vary with each piece and weigh about one pond. 

See my other listing for Vertical Bamboo Plant Hanger as shown in last three pics.  
The Bamboo Vertical Plant Hanger is perfect for Tillandsia ( AKA Air Plants ) and other epiphytes like orchids that grown well mounted. Bamboo piece contains 2 - 3 sections that have segment growth divider which is ideal for mounting tillandsia, bromeliad or orchid plant on.
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