Tillandsia Air Plant colored wire hangers four pack

Tillandsia Air Plant colored wire hangers four pack
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Hand Made Air Plant wire hangers!
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Perfect for mounting air plants, similar tropical epiphytes or hanging other light decorative items.

Listing is for a four piece set of Tillandsia Air Plant wire hangers as seen in first three photos. The remaining pics with plants shows examples of how to attach different tillandsia to wire hanger.

Plant NOT included!

Each piece is hand made from 12 gauge aluminum colored wire that is non toxic to plants will not rust. Wire is strong enough to hold light weight items of a few ounces yet malleable to bend and shape as desired. Hangers are about 8 - 10" long 4" wide give or take when bent to form hanger as shown in pics, shape and sizes will vary.

Each pack will come with four different colors, orders of multiple pack will include some duplicate color of wires. General mixed colors will be dealers choice based on availability, could be solid color or striped look with silver ( diamond style ) as seen in fourth pic. Other colors may include Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red, Orange or a metallic color of golden or cooper like. Colors may vary such as blue may be dark or light, shades or hues of a particular color dependent on stock.


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