Cattleya Brassovola nodosa Little Star Exotic Fragrant

Cattleya Brassovola nodosa Little Star Exotic Fragrant
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This member of the Cattleya Alliance, a Brassavola nodosa hybrid that has several blooms per spike and often several spikes per colony of a beautiful bright white and is fragrant in the evening. This great compact readily blooms here in Florida now in the fall and then again in the spring. Quickly can become a very large colony. First photo is several in large pot blooming. Remaining photos are of plants similar to what you will receive, will have 4, 5 or more psuedobulbs, spouts. It will be a mature previously bloomed, near blooming plant that may or may not be In Spike.  This is not a starter plant.

Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. Package of plants can not be left outdoors after delivery even with heat pack. No replacement on plants shipped in cold weather without heat pack that suffer damage or die.

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