Cattleya Rhyncholaelia digbyana Exotic

Cattleya Rhyncholaelia digbyana Exotic
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 Part of the Cattleya Alliance. Rhyncholaelia digbyana is the national flower of Honduras.  A very easy plant to grow and to flower, does well potted or mounted. These beauties use to be around more years ago. They first were called Brassavola digbyana later reclassified with only one other species in this family, rhyncholaelia glauca. There are some hybrids around but to me none improve upon the species. Just a great green and fringed lip. Even people that don't care for green flowers get excited over this one. Some of the plants pictured are actual plants of this listing growing in 4" pots. The plant you will receive will a mature previously bloomed similar to photos having 4 or more psuedo-bulbs and may or may not be in spike/bloom.  These are not starter plants!!!

*Purchase HEAT Pack from Mad Happenings Store to be included when temp is in the 30s or 20s. You can not leave package with plant outdoors after delivery even with heat pack. No returns on plants shipped during cold weather that suffer damage or die with out heat pack.

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